Skullfucker Grills Lefty: Fallout from The Iran Sanctions Bill

Seems some are shocked our most lefty, progressive group is actually supporting those sanctions on Iran instead of the expected reaction: thumb-twiddling and worry over possible effects on the children. Journalist/force of nature Spencer Ackerman, aka Attackerman (who famously said he’d skullfuck a terrorist), directly asks J-Street’s Jeremy Ben-Ami if he’s supporting the bill just to keep in lockstep with other Jewish groups. Ben-Ami vaguely avoids the question: “Well look, those are issues where we are definitely not in line with most of the other organizations.”

“There is a threat from a nuclear-armed Iran,” Ben-Ami continues, “but the real existential threat that we’re focused on is that we have got to reach a two-state solution now or else we’re going to lose Israel.” Yeah, he jumps back to his main point, but his organization’s stance on Iran is still surprising.

The bill would basically cut off the country’s gasoline supply and that’s hitting them where it hurts. (Enriched uranium may get you weapons of mass destruction, but it sure ain’t gonna make the cars run.) Its author, Representative Howard Berman (D-Calif.), says any foreign entity that sells gasoline to Iran “will be effectively barred from doing business in the United States.”

Though sanctions haven’t been all that effective with Iran in the past, the bill is getting very popular in Jewish circles, obviously helped by the constant news coverage of Iran inching closer and closer to the bomb, which, let’s be honest, isn’t helping anyone sleep at night.

What do you think?

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  1. Elisabetta25Hv

    Didn’t the Jerky Boys coin the term skullfuck? Or am I mixing up my sick fuckers?

  2. SchneiderGOLDIE19

    Nice story. Good to see you guys getting serious (for a change).

  3. Anonymous

    Heeb should stick to covering Israeli models in their mid east coverage!


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