Lisa Lampanelli Wishes You A Happy Hannukah

To plug her book, Chocolate, Please, Lisa Lampanelli turns Heeb’s Hannukah photo shoot into her last chance to play with big black dildos. “I’m engaged now, man,” she says. Since the Queen of Mean is marrying a WOP, she has to say goodbye to jungle fever and penis-themed publicity shots. “This is my last one.” Don’t miss your final chance to see Lampanelli in her natural element (surrounded by black cock) before she turns into a nice married woman and starts that line of vegetarian cookbooks.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. Anonymous

    No, she ain’t Jewish (Italian Catholic).

    And a “wop” is an old-school insult for an Italian-American. Seems to be running out of gas now, though.

  2. Puck

    It will save us all time if we just assume how outraged I am by this latest failed attempt to appear edgy (white supremacist groups have been racist for aaaaaages…it’s not edgy).

  3. Shane Diesel

    This bitch needs to do some interracial porn and just fulfill her fantasy already! There are plenty of big black men willing to stuff her holes!


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