Sarah Silverman in Budget Stand-Off with Comedy Central

Sarah Silverman may be quitting her own show over a budget dispute with Comedy Central. She and the series’ other two executive producers are holding out on agreeing to participate in the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program over a proposed budget cut of more than 20 percent.

Citing cuts imposed by parent company MTV Networks, Comedy Central proposed a budget of $850,000 an episode, down from $1.1 million last season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Traditionally, a show’s budget increases year-to-year.

More than two months after the second season finale, the show has still not been renewed. The Sarah Silverman Program‘s second season pick-up came just 11 days after the show’s premiere.

Silverman informed Comedy Central late last week that she would not be able to proceed with a third season because she was concerned about maintaining the show’s integrity at the slashed price. Comedy Central executives jumped into action, striving to find a budget compromise that would keep the popular show on the air. The sides negotiated over the weekend.

A resolution could come as early as today. Sources familiar with the situation are reportedly optimistic that a deal could be worked out.

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