Dow Below 7,000. _New York Times_ Reports on Cursed Horse Sculpture in Denver

The last timeIblogged aboutTheNew York Times and their self-indulgent mantra of "I’m The New York Times and willpublish nonsensical crap because I can,"it wasenlightening us with the vagaries of British vocab. Yesterday, as the Dow dropped below 7,000 for the first time since 1997, NYT wrote a story about some fucking horse sculpture at the Denver Airport. Apparently,a statue of a giant male horse was installed in February 2008 on the roadway approach to the terminal…and it’s freaking some people out. (Internal monolgue: "Holy shit!")

The "neigh"-sayers find “Blue Mustang,” as it is formally known by the artist, Luis Jiménez (who was killed in 2006 when a section of the statue fell on him during construction),to befrightening and quite possiblycursed. Scary fake horse-related stories do make for some hard-headed journalism,in addition toproviding awell-timed caveat…Wait, let’s see…nope.

What do you think?

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