Ron Jeremy’s Second Favorite Organ Lands Him In The Hospital

Earlier today Ron Jeremy, everyone’s favorite porn-star turned avuncular pop-cultural icon, was admitted to L.A.’s Cedar’s Sinai hospital for treatment of a near-heart aneurysm. As TMZ reports, Jeremy drove himself to the hospital after experiencing chest pains. Doctors examined the legendary shtupper, and discovered the clot. While in the hospital, Jeremy’s condition worsened, resulting in his transfer to the ICU; he is reportedly being prepped for surgery.

Ron-JeremyThe star of over 2000 films, Jeremy has come a long way since his days as Ronnie Hyatt, the advanced-degree holding Special Education teacher from Queens. In spite of Ron’s having stepped back from the field that made him famous, the penile legend (affectionately known as “The Hedgehog”), is arguably the most recognized face (among other things) in Pornography. Given that his nine-inch member helped clear the way for a new generation of semitic sex-stars [see our interview with adult superstar James Deen for proof of Jeremy’s influence], we pre-emptively forgive his surgical doctors for peeking below the belt while Ron is in their care. 

We wish Ron, and all his organs, a speedy recovery!


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  1. wesse

    his dingelidong jumped out is black pants and and took the wheel steering to cedars hospital:)


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