Real-Life “Hasidic” Robbers Reenact The Opening Scene From “Snatch”

Guy Ritchie’s crime caper “Snatch” opened with a group of Orthodox Jews (including Benicio Del Toro, sporting cringeworthy “yiddish” accent) debating talmudic esoterica while wandering through a nondescript office building. They come to a diamond merchant’s secure office, schmooze their way in, whip out guns, and rob the place blind. In 2000, when “Snatch” was released, this was a novel and fairly entertaining way to kick off a novel and fairly entertaining movie.

Now, in a case of “life imitating art”, it appears as if someone may have watched “Snatch” one too many times. As reported this afternoon:

Armed robbers reportedly “dressed like haredis” ripped off a Jewish jeweler in France before releasing toxic gas in the air.

Four men approached the jeweler near his Marseille shop on Wednesday morning, the news site La Depeche reported. Two were “dressed like haredis,” according to the French news agency AFP, and two wore masks. At least one of the robbers was toting an AK-47 assault rifle, AFP reported.

This is, as you may recall, not the first time something like this has happened. Currently, there is no word as to whether this will lead to a series of wacky misadventures and hijinks in the London underworld. We can only hope.


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  1. Trudi Goodman

    There’s some ignorance at work here. Were they dressed as “haredi’ or were they just dressed as Ultra Orthodox. Clearly these were not Yidn because they released poison gas. My vote is for mishuganah Hezobollahnicks.


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