Pita Spells A Tip Backwards: Is this a Conspiracy Theory?

Maoz, a falafel joint with locations everywhere from Barcelona to Philly, apparently uses palindromes to help rake in extra cash – only fitting for a people taught to read right to left.

While a WASP-y Starbucks employee might just grin and bear it when you toss your three cents change into their tip jar, that is a no-go as far as this Israeli-owned establishment is concerned. A Heeb that speaks their mind when it comes to money? Well, I never.

What do you think?

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Maia Filar

Maia Filar is a freelance writer and a full time eater. As a contributor for The Globe and Mail, City Bites Magazine, The National Post and 24 Hours, she has had the pleasure of having an $8,000 glass of wine, some tasty bull's testicles and a private meal cooked by chef Daniel Boulud. Hard knocks, we know.

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