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A singer received 39 lashes with a leather strap as ordered by a rabbinical court in Israel for having performed in front of a “mixed” (male and female) audience. (Via Failed Messiah)

Anshel Pfeffer says, “The ADL has lost its way under Abe Foxman.” (Haaretz)

Luke Ford is tired of dating women from broken homes even though “they tend to be crazy in bed and that’s a lot of fun.” (Luke Ford)

Jewish Woman Magazine has relaunched. (JWI)

Interview with Terry Zwigoff. (Vice)

Because so few are willing to keep insisting that a guilty criminal is a victim and the prosecution is anti-semitic even after his conviction, Matzav urges you to vote for Rabbi Pinchos “Pinny” Lipshutz for Jewish Community Hero. (Matzav)

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