Orthodykes Movement

According to Haaretz, there’s an Orthodox Lesbian scene developing in the Holy Land. Bat Kol is an organization of religious lesbian sisters doing it for themselves. This might seem fairly yawnwowthy to the average American, but the money shot comes at the end of the article, with the question of whether or not transgender lesbians are actually men, in which case the various halachic restrictions on male-female relations (like covering the hair, not singing, not being alone with a man) would still apply.

This gives hope for Jewdar that our long-dreamed dating service for Orthodox gays may one day become a reality. We would match gay Orthodox men with female to male trannies and Orthodox lesbians with male to female trannies, all kompletely kosher. We’d call it Mix n’ Matchmaking. Interested investors please send checks or cash to _Heeb_, care of Jewdar.

What do you think?

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