Brains Over Braun

What do Heeb Magazine and American Idol have in common? Neither do extensive background checks. Case in point: last year’s Heeb100 fashion honoree Apollo Braun. In a horiffic incident in Union Square yesterday, a white woman wearing Braun’s "Obama is My Slave" shirt (retail price, $69) was physically attacked by four other women. Naturally, the white chick blames Braun because he sold her the shirt–without a warning label that its creator was a moron, evidently.

What do you think?

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  1. Jeff Newelt

    ummmmm do you mean last year’s HEEB99? what a complete imbecile

  2. Puck

    And not a hot llama either..he’s gross.
    I’ve seen more attractive surgical procedures :P
    It’s hard to believe he was a serious addition to the Heeb Fashionista list, I assume someone was taking the piss.
    He dislikes Obama because “he’s a muslim” …if peo

  3. iconic

    ” we don’t need ugly, stupid people ”

    But , if he wore a T-shirt that said that…..

  4. Puck

    He’d probably be beaten up by stupid, ugly people…or those with no appreciate for irony :P

  5. innonate

    What a dumbass — both Apollo and the chick who bought that. I saw that shirt and wanted to buy it and throw it out.


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