Orthodox Beatles Buskers Are Lovely

As anyone who’s been to Jerusalem can attest street busking is very much “a thing” over there. Usually it’s a terrible, discordant, Phish-covering thing, but a thing nonetheless. Occasionally, though, it’s an improbably wonderful, totally out-of-the-blue thing.

It’s this latter type of busking that Youtube’er itrubin¬†stumbled upon in a Jerusalem mall, when he found two ultra-orthodox guitar slingers just absolutely nailing two of The Beatles most memorable hits.


[via, h/t Matthue]

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  1. Joel Glazier

    Those 2 are almost too good to be true. I guess if they tried George Harrison’s “Bangla Desh” song they could exert the familiar Jewish angsty sound which permeates that song. These 2 could appear in clubs as they know their music. Yasher Koach you two minstrels !

  2. Susan Ryan

    WOW! These are AWESOME! I’m a Beatles fan from way back…just got home from a Beatles convention in Chicago, actually. Had to share these videos on Facebook for all my Beatle buddies to see! Absolutely wonderful!!


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