Reddit Goes Jew-Flag Crazy

Everyone loves flags, right? I love flags, you love flags. Flags as far as the eye can see. Hooray for flags!

Well, however much you think you love flags, you don’t come close to loving them as much as the flag-happy denizens of Reddit’s /r/vexillology sub-reddit – an entire corner of the internet dedicated to celebrating, analyzing, and obsessing over all things flag. Action packed fun for the whole family, I suppose. Still, when twitterer @Tdot_Eli  told us to check out /r/vexillology’s front page on Wednesday evening, I admit – I wasn’t sure what I’d find.

I wasn’t expecting this:


Here’s a closer look:


What the hell is going on here? Or, as user commanderspoonface asked: “Is this a thing now?

Evidently, yes, it is “a thing”. Reddit’s latest micro-meme is to take a country’s flag, slap a six-pointed star or a menorah on there, and  – *poof* – instant hilarity! (Or, something.)

Still, a few of these are pretty impressive. There’s…

Californisrael (click for attribution):


Papua Jew Guinea 


The JewSSR


And my personal favorite, the Carl Sagan-inspired…

Pale Jew Dot

Pale Jew Dot - Imgur

Now run that up your flagpole.


For a complete list of Jew-Flags, one helpful redditor created this gallery.

[via /r/vexillology]

What do you think?

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  1. yosef zylberberg

    on the Jewish flags. For my money the Birobijan flag(rainbow tallit like) has always been my fave. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about it?



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