Oh Great, Some Totally Cool New JDate Ads!

Hey “attractive Jewish 20-somethings”!

Are you looking to find your “bae”? Do you like stereotypes? Do you think it’s “totally awesome” when companies appear to try way too hard? If you’ve got the “Jewish continuity uber-alles” values and rollicking sense of humor of your average JCC men’s club in 1957, these new JDate ads are for you.

Apparently predicated on the assumption that you and your homogenous potential romantic partners have the depth and personality of a buzzfeed list, these ads are the result of JDate’s crowdsourced re-branding effort (was there something wrong with their old ads?) in which amateur mad men were awarded a year’s free membership to the Jewish dating site in exchange for their mortal souls writing 30 second ad spots. Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake production company was then tapped to create the commercials themselves, and, well, here we are.

White, heterosexual, upper-middle class, Ashkenazic Jews – the abyss just looked back into you.

[via Adweek, image via youtube screenshot]

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