Not Another Polish Joke

In what appears to be a case of cultural phantom limb syndrome, “Poland is celebrating Jewish culture”: this month, minus the Jews. You know, I’m not going to give the Poles a hard time for this—if they get really into Jewish culture maybe they’ll think twice before committing genocide again. Anyone want to start a Sudanese cultural festival in Darfur?

What do you think?

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  1. iconic

    “if they get really into Jewish culture” they need real Jews. Otherwise this culture fest is Krakow Disneyland.

  2. Sue

    The Polish people did not commit genocide, the Germans and Russians did. Many Polish people (Catholics) were murdered along with the Jews during the second World War, including many of my family members.

  3. Sara.Pamela

    What do you expect for people who indulge in jellied cow’s feet? There’s no time to fully represent the Jews when you have to get the translucent grey jelly heated just to the right temperature to pour over the foot.


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