The Price Is 90210

The _NY Daily News_’ “Rush & Mulloy”: spied Ian Ziering running around giddy after getting through to round 2 of auditions to host _The Price Is Right_ (Rosie O’Donnell’s all-time “favorite”: game show). Could “Steve Saunders be the next Bob Barker”: Check out the “Kids Issue”: for _Heeb_’s article on our favorite _Dancing With The Stars_ competitor.

What do you think?

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  1. bigshank2

    pssst. steve sanders not saunders. sorry, but im a major 90210 dork.

  2. Sara.Pamela

    Kudos to Ian, he’s doing a lot better than fellow 90210’er, Brian Austin Green whose bio since the show includes being #39 on VH1’s “Least Hip Hop Moments” for his debut rap album “One Stop Carnival”.

  3. iconic

    The Depends wearing octogenarian segment of The Price is Right demographic will call Ian a pisher. They will probably end up selecting an older host . Too many ads for Medicare supplement insurance to risk losing.


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