Nosh Pit: How to Chop an Onion

Upon recent observation of my sister, who is no novice in the kitchen, I realized properly chopping an onion may not be such common knowledge. As the core ingredient to almost every good recipe, everyone should know this most basic of skills. Simply remember these three steps: planks, sticks, cubes.

Cut off portion of root end but make sure to leave enough intact that onion will stay together. Remove skin.

Cut in half.

Working toward root end, cut horizontally into planks.

Then, working from the top, cut into sticks.

Now it’s time to dice by cutting vertically and holding at the root’s end.


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Morgan Jarrett has a big mouth and an even bigger appetite. When not indulging in the epicurean life, she slings meat at a Manhattan steak house. You can see more of her food porn on her blog.

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