No One Wants to Fund a Documentary on Jewish Boxers

As a frequent Kickstarter troll, I’ve seen projects of all shapes and sizes come and go on the flash funding site, but I’ve never seen a project make it down to the last few days without raising even a single dollar. What kind of a project finds the interest of no one on the entire Internet? Apparently a “Documentary project in New York, FL” called “IMPACT–Jewish Boxers in America.”

Now, it could be without backers because the only thing more boring than watching grown men tussle with gloves on is watching them whine about the humidity while they do it. It could also just be our old standby, anti-semitism! Probably not though.

Most likely, the folks who happened upon IMPACT’s fundraising page noticed that the project description is only one sentence long:

IMPACT–Jewish Boxers in America….Profiles of current great Jewish boxers in America who have left their mark on society and the Jewish people.

$20 gets you a DVD, $50 gets you “promotional consideration” on The Jewish Channel where it will be “seen” in 300,000 homes. The filmmakers are hoping to raise $10,000. Not a single shnook has backed this film yet, and it ends this Saturday at 4:38 PM EST.

Kickstarter can be like the wild west for artists and designers. Just last week the site broke all of its own records when it funded two separate million dollar projects in the space of 24 hours. Not everyone can rock wallets that hard, but at least put a little elbow grease into it and tell us why the hell we should give you a measly Andrew Jackson. If there’s anything Jews are good at, it’s asking people for money.

Well, apparently not all Jews are good at it. Try again, team IMPACT.

What do you think?

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  1. Mike Shapiro

    While I tend to be very sensitive to Anti-Semitism (I have been told that hyper-sensitive might be a better description), I don’t buy it in this case.

    This is more about the decline and death (sorry) of the fight game. Basically no one is seriously interested in the “sweet science” anymore, and for good reason.

    While there have not been many movies (doc or scripted) about Jewish boxers, there have not really been many about boxers in general. Certainly not compared to baseball or football.

    OTOH, there have been quite a number of books written about Jewish boxers, from the 20s through the 40s. After that, very few. How many books have been written about any boxer since 1960? Certainly, how many that were not about Ali/Clay or Tyson, both of whom were larger than life figures.

    Again, this is much more about the state of boxing than about Jews.

  2. James Ford Nussbaum

    Thank you Jonathan for bringing attention to our project and although IMPACT is about Jewish Boxing current and past it will be more of a story about the American Dream and the way these boxers the same way the black, Irish and Italian boxer used the sport, to get out of the ghetto and rise from what they all have in common which is poverty. It is and will be about the ways Jewish Boxers use the sport to establish themselves not just as Jews but productive and successful Americans. IMPACT will introduce the viewer to this new breed of Russian and American fighter who uses the Star of David to help distinguish himself above the others and gain fame by exploiting his Judaism. It is a story of triumph and tradgedy…that finds sadness in showing the way these men have to establish themselves is to get into a ring and bash another guys head in. It is a story that many Jews don’t even know exist about their own culture. I hope we can get others to see the relevance of this project during a time when rampid anti-semitism is everywhere. Thank you for the exposure.
    James Ford Nussbaum
    IMPACT-Jewish Boxers In America

  3. Judy

    You might also look at Jewish boxers in Canada. Moe Herscovitch, from Montreal, was a world champ in the 1930s.

  4. Jason Hutt

    Having made a film about Dmitriy Salita entitled “Orthodox Stance,” I learned about the incredible history and legacy of Jewish boxers in America and think it’s a great subject.

    Holden Kepecs is making a film about the Golden Era of Jewish boxers called “Star in the Ring” and he has had success raising money for it.

    It’s a shame more people don’t know about this great history but hopefully films like Holden’s and James’ will bring greater attention to it.

    Jason Hutt
    Director, “Orthodox Stance”

  5. James Ford Nussbaum

    Please contribute what you can to the NEW KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN for the film at:

    We know about Holden’s project and the great work with ORTHODOX STANCE but our film will profile THREE Jewish Boxers and give people a behind the scenes look at these great contemporary athletes while warding off sentiments of anti-semitism….Hope any one can help along the way…

    Shalom…Peace and love,

    James Ford Nussbaum

  6. Steve

    I saw “Orthodox Stance” and it is a great film. It is definitely worth watching – even if you’re not a boxing fan.

  7. GI Joe

    if you ever do make the film, be sure to include my grandpa, who was a jewish boxer in nyc in the early 20th century. you can interview my mom and aunt, and we can contribute old pics and some funds. because they wouldnt let jews get any good fights, william lederer fought as william brady.

  8. Meshuggah Ray Rubenstein

    Boxing. Two grown men fighting over a purse and a belt. Oy!

  9. Moisha Chaim

    Make a movie about discrimination of jewish boxers, Dmitriy Salita is not promoted by any promoter right now, he is discriminated against. Meanwhile, he traines very hard, lost only one fight but still can’t get any fight unlike Mallignagie or other boxers. Mallignagie was ranked #6 in the world when he fought Khan, and HBO paid him $500,000, however, when Dmitriy Salita was ranked #1 in the world and was mandatory challenger HBO refused to buy his fight. Mallignagie fought Khan in America, Salita had to go to England and face antisemitism. Is it politics of double standards…?


    Boxing promoters paid some journalists to write defamative articles about Salita. Question of low morale by boxing promoters and unfortunatly by major boxing networks is not the question any more. Blacks stand up for each other, do jews stand up for each other. The case of Dmitriy Salita, showes they are not again unfortunately. Dmitriy is still young and in his prime right now, he is much better now than he was when he was 21. HE CAN’T GET A FIGHT BECAUSE OF THE CORRUPTION IN BOXING. BECAUSE SOME OF THE BAD PEOPLE IN BOXING PUT HIM ON THE BLACKLIST AND DMITRIY DOESN’T HAVE A POWER TO FIGHT CORRUPTION BACK WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT. MANY BOXING WRITERS GET PAID BY PROMOTERS, AND WHEN PROMOTERS PAY THEM TO WRITE BAD ABOUT DMITRIY THEY WILL


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