Medical Pot? Yeah, It’s Kosher

Have you heard? Turns out medicinal marijuana is a-okay, kosher-wise. Sure, we’ve been touting the value of crispy hanukkah potkes for a while (only if your glaucoma is really acting up, of course) but now it seems as if  actual, honest-to-god Rabbis are getting in on the sticky-icky action, announcing recently that Medical Marijuana is, in fact, totally kosher.

To celebrate, the folks over at SourceFed put together this kosher kush version of the Method Man and Redman classic, How High. Watch as two bumbling hasidic pot-heads smoke rabbinically infused ganja, and end up in the best yeshiva around…

What do you think?

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  1. jg

    Good piece.

    Just one bit for Mr. Bereta; Israel is technically in Asia, not Europe.


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