Mazal Tov – Tila “Synagogue Of Satan” Tequila Is Having A Baby!

Far be it for me to give a flying fuck about celebrity births, but when the celebrity in question is the Auschwitz-posing, Swastika-wearing, one-time-almost-Jewish Tila Tequila? Well… that is, as they say, a horse of a different color (what color is “bugfuck crazy”?)

Nearly two and a half years after declaring her intention to convert to Judaism before abandoning the tribe for Nazi-themed photo shoots, and proclamations about “dirty kikes” and their “Synagogue of Satan,” Tila Tequila last week announced on Facebook that she’s ten weeks pregnant.


So hey, Tila – On behalf of all of us here at Heeb we want to wish you and incoming baby Tequila a hearty “Mazal Tov”! And, in thirteen years, when this kid goes through his or her inevitable Alex P. Keaton-esque form of rebellion and actually converts to Judaism, we’ll make sure the social hall here at the Synagogue of Satan (new doom metal band, anyone?) is ready for the Bar Mitzvah party.

What do you think?

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