Links For Shel Silverstein Narrating An Animated Version Of “The Giving Tree”

the-Giving-Tree-shel-silverstein-bilingual-editionShel Silverstein Narrates An Animated Version Of The Giving Tree (Open Culture)

Creation Museum To Display Dinosaur That “Proves” Biblical Flood (io9)

Alejandro Jodorowsky Goes On A Voyage In Search Of Himself (Forward)

The Law And Street Food (Lucky Peach

18 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date A Hipster Jew (Hipster Jew)

Jesus The Guru (Killing The Buddha

A Sterling Proposal: Let’s Abolish The Sports Team Owner (The Weeklings)

I Tried To Get A “Simpsons” Writer To Admit That The US And Fox Orchestrated The Arab Spring (Vice)

What Do McDonald’s Workers Really Make An Hour (538)

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