Links for the new Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett Duet

“Body and Soul” is a newly released Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett duet. (YouTube) (CNN)

Retro link: Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show. (News From Me)

William Shatner on Star Trek vs Star Wars. (Laughing Squid)

The 35 sexiest American Apparel ads. (F Listed)

Mayor Bloomberg warns of riots in NYC. (New York Post)

New York Post sued over ‘randy rabbi’ videos. (Reuters)

Bachmann’s disgraceful refusal to apologize. (Commentary)

I am in a broken place, but there is holy work to do. (Jewlicious)

A newly-discovered class of cells could one day help repair spinal cord injuries. (io9)

Tony Judt’s Final Word on Israel. (The Atlantic)

T.S. Eliot’s on-again, off-again antisemitism. (Forward)

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