Links for Returning to Fashion After an Anti-Semitic Rant

john_galliano_0John Galliano invited to return to fashion two years after anti-Semitic rant (NY Post)

56 Ludlow Between Hester And Grand, The Apartment Where The Velvet Underground Started (The Awl)

Jewish Movie Remakes (McSweeney’s)

Stop Apologizing (The Billfold)

Hillel the Hacktivist (Forward)

My Mom Was Too Old She had me at 42. She got frail before I was ready. (Slate)

A former rabbi-teacher of mine has been accused of molesting students. So, why can’t I stop thinking of the good he did? (Tablet)

The Frum Pedophile (Unpious)

The Exploding Jew (Jewrotica)

If ____ had guns, _______ would never have happened (Hipster Jew)

What do you think?

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