Links for Jordan Richter, the Wayward Son who Found Islam

From video days to finding Islam, Jordan Richter always been on his own trip (Vice)

Meet Ayman Safiah, Palestine’s Only Male Ballet Dancer (Black Book)

Report: Wedding bells for billionaire George Soros and fiancee Tamiko Bolton (CNN)

It’s official: @BarackObama is running against the bad guys from Animal House. @BrianAbrams

Flowchart: Are You Watching the Olympics? (Good)

New video by Jewrhythmics (Jewrhythmics)

Saudi Arabia plans new city for women workers only (The Guardian)

19-Year-Old Female Blocked From Boarding Public Bus, Harassed By Haredim (Failed Messiah)

Shmarya Rosenberg of Failed Messiah donned a pair of pants and emerged from his mother’s basement to do an interview with NY1 (NY1)

Mohels protest restriction on ‘suction’ during circumcision (YNET)

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