Links for Jackie Mason’s Many Loves

Jackie Mason’s many loves (NY Post)

Canada Prepares for Jewish Exodus (LA Times)

Social media has never been so disposable (Shitter)

Righteous Plastic Surgeon to Orthodox Matchmakers: Free Nose Job for Your Clients Who Need But Can’t Afford It (The Jewish Press)

The best ways to make someone think you are an obnoxious Jew from NY (Frum Satire)

Ferrari and Maserati Bring Horsepower and Cars to Tel Aviv (Algeminer)

Just What the Traditionalists Were Worried About: Bat Mitzvahs Get Too Glitzy (Tablet)

After declaring they wouldn’t, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood names presidential candidate for May vote (Haaretz)

UC gets it right on free speech (New Voices)

Difference Between a Slob and a ‘Zhlob’ (Forward)

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