Links for Israel’s Sphinx

sphynxstatMystery surrounds Egyptian sphinx unearthed in Israel (CNN)

Time to sweat it out. (Vice)

Startup Genome Ranks The World’s Top Startup Ecosystems: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv & L.A. Lead The Way (Tech Crunch)

Bernie Madoff’s Office Was Even Sleazier Than Previously Thought (NY Magazine)

The Life of Linda Lovelace (The Arty Semite)

Pen Pall: Alienated by a famous pen company’s anti-Semitic namesake (The U.E.S. Journal in LA)

5 Ways Not Having Kids In Your 30s Is Different From Not Having Kids In Your 20s (The Frisky)

It Can Wait (From One Second To The Next Documentary)

We Are All Edward Snowden (Souciant)

Diary Of A Fat Man (Fat Jew) Doing A Juice Cleanse (The Crosby Press)

Is ‘Yeshivish’ a language, a dialect like ‘Ebonics’, or something else altogether? (Haaretz)

What do you think?

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