Australian Politician Claims “Jews Follow Jesus.” So, That Happened.

Meet Stephanie Banister. She’s 27, a member of Australia’s right-wing, nationalist “One Nation” party, and is running for a parliamentary seat in that country’s upcoming elections.

She’s also – clearly – a thoughtful and articulate religious scholar, as evidenced by her recent interview on Australia’s Channel 7 news:

Let’s see:

Islam as a country? Check.
Jews following Jesus Christ: Check.
Everything in life is about learning: Super-duper Check.

Apparently candidate Banister was trying to make a point about Halal (not “Haram“) meat, and how it’s…bad…or something? Or maybe she meant the Koran? I’m not entirely certain, since whatever she said was drowned out by the cacophonous sound of everyone smacking their collective foreheads all at once.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Banister’s bungling wasn’t limited to the realm of religion. At a later point in the interview, when asked her opinion on Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (“NDIS”)…

…Banister gave a blank look when asked what she thought about the NDIS, one of the Labor government’s most significant policies.

”The National Disability Scheme?” clarified Ms Edwards.

”I believe that the disability scheme is working at the moment,” Ms Banister replied.

In fact, it starts in 2016.

Not that Banister’s problems end there. She’s also currently involved in an ongoing court case stemming from her recent arrest for plastering “Beware! Halal food funds terrorism” stickers all over Nestle products at a local supermarket.

In unrelated news – anyone heard from Sarah Palin, lately?

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