Links For Cartoon Jewish Neurosis

EV-RanI Ran So Far Away (Gawker)

Jason Alexander Tries to Teach Larry David How to Play George Costanza From ‘Seinfeld’ (Laughing Squid)

I’m Being Cyberbullied by Corey Feldman (Vice)Russian Gay Rights Leader Condemned for Antisemitic Tweets (Jewish Press)

Chabad Of Eastern Massachusetts Applies For Medical Marijuana Dispensary License (Failed Messiah)

Khomeini’s Granddaughter Photoshops Her Daughter’s Skinny Trousers (Iran Wire)

Palestinian celebrity gets the ‘Jewish sticker’ at Ben-Gurion Airport (972 Mag)

By ‘going all out’ in favor of a U.S. attack on Assad, AIPAC and other Jewish groups run the risk of sustaining long term damage to their own ‘power of deterrence.’ (Haaretz)

Nick Gillespie: Kristol, Krauthammer Have ‘God-awful’ Foreign Policy Record (Mediaite)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his foreign minister tweeted new year salutations to Iran’s Jewish community. (JPOST)

Did Vladimir Putin Bait a Trap for the United States in Damascus? (Tablet)

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