Kosher Machinery

Finally, there’s a vending machine designed for the “on-the-go potato knish lover”: If you want your landlord or law firm to have one of these beauties installed in your apt building and/or office, “click here”:

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    Are the machines kosher? I mean, do they actually bless the machines too or just the goodies inside? If I rubbed my dollar on a ham sandwich then fed it into the machine, what then?

  2. m1k4br3t0

    Ogmihfugkingog, Sorry, let me wipe the drool from my chin…wow. It’s the cheekbones. Definitely the cheekbones, and the cutting self-satire. Please please please be mine, I am not a heeby-chaser. I don’t care if the hair is straight, curly, plaited or dy

  3. lola26

    personally, I wish that Hollywood could wake up and regain their writing and directing skills again. Because this talented chica is made to literally play the legendary “IT” girl Clara Bow. There has not really been a great bio on a silent film actor sin

  4. Terry

    Fantastic interview.
    It’s really great to see Natasha back on her feet and working again.
    I loved her work in Trick Baby and Slums and hope to see her in more great roles soon.

    She’s a brilliant actress who fell foul of the Hollywood lifestyle.

  5. Bradonash

    I was at Borders books reading a copy of the latest music issue and was reading the letters section. Someone had written that in the great film Slums of Beverly Hills Natasha Lyonne was felt up in the laundry room by David Krumholtz. He actually played he


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