Nothing Says “Rockin’ In The Free World” Like A “Neil Young Night” In A West Bank Settlement

What is it about Israeli settlers and (not very good) rock and roll?

First we had evangelical presidential failure Mike Huckabee slapping the bass in Psagot. Then came everyones favorite occupation warbler, who took a hatchet to Miley Cyrus’ already mediocre catalog, and now this: A “Neil Young” night in the West Bank settlement of Efrat.

The concert actually took place few months ago, but this video was only recently excavated by IVN

Now look, I’m not a huge Neil Young fan (read: actively dislike him) but if he is your cup of tea,  I don’t think you’ll find the covers in and of themselves to be all that bad. The full setlist reads like a “greatest hits” collection, including tracks like “Helpless” and Young’s classic protest song “Ohio.” That said, let’s backtrack a second and realize what we’re watching here:

Israeli settlers singing American, Vietnam-era, protest songs, written by a Canadian, in occupied Palestinian territory.


So keep on rockin’ in that free world, Israeli settlers! I’m sure all your neighbors think you have a heart of gold.

[via, cover image via youtube]

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