“Child’s Play” + Hasidic Sect = A Jewish Doll That’s High Octane Nightmare Fuel

– CHILD’S PLAY: A 1988 horror film in which the spirit of a deceased murderer possesses a child’s toy and terrorizes a family. Responsible for a franchise of diminishing returns, and introducing the world to “Chucky” the homicidal doll.

– NA NACH: A Hasidic sect which follows an esoteric set of teaching from the Rabbi Nachman of Braslov. Known for their large white knitted head coverings, and their enthusiastic chanting of the “Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman” incantation while dancing to techno music.

Put ’em together and whaddya get? A Jewish doll that’s truly terrifying.

Pity the poor child who wakes up to discover their well-intentioned bubbie has slipped this into the bed with them as a surprise present…

[via Reddit, image via youtube]

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