Yes, “Jews Can’t Stop” Is A Miley Cyrus Cover By Israeli Settlers

I’ve been staring at my monitor for about half-an-hour now, trying to conjure the right words to express how stupefyingly awful this video is, but the words just won’t come. I can only assume that, by having watched this, my IQ has dropped to such a precariously low level that I’ll be forced to use grunts and crude finger-drawings to communicate for the rest of my life. “Jews Can’t Stop“? Oh yes they can – And in the case of this Miley Cyrus parody, they really should have before the cameras started rolling. This might be the worst video I’ve seen all year. It might be the worst video I’ve ever seen.

  • Gyrating on bulldozers? Check.
  • Pole Dancing on road signs? Check.
  • Doofus in a bathrobe shouting “Hell No”? Check

This is, ostensibly, a parody of Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” video – the one that introduced twerking to suburban soccer moms across the country. Somewhere along the way, though, something went horribly wrong, and we’re left with lyrics like:

And everyone in line to make peace
Trying to get a Nobel for peace
We all so fed up here
Getting fed up here, yeah, yeah. 

Because peace is just so fucking passé, right? Here, watch:

Writes video producer Orit Arfa, in an op-ed entitled “Jeffrey Goldberg Twerks John Kerry’s Butt” (does she have any idea what twerking actually is?) for LA’s Jewish Journal:

Channeling Miley’s defiant spirit in her song “We Can’t Stop,” we’re telling sycophantic bullies-in-disguise like [Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey] Goldberg and all the “wise” men whose policies will destroy lives here: WE, JEWS, CAN’T STOP. We can’t stop building, loving, praying, doing what we want in our land. Too quote Miley, “Only God can Judge ya. Forget the haters, cuz Somebody loves ya.”

Take note Ms. Arfa: With all due respect to Ms. Cyrus – sometimes the haters have a point.

What do you think?

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