Joshua Malina, Star of THE WEST WING And SCANDAL, Wants To Follow You On Twitter (If…)

I’ve written before of my love for Joshua Malina: star of ABC’s mega-hit Scandal, brains behind Youtube’s Sad, Sad Conversationand mind-numbingly prolific twitter-er. It’s this last quality that is of particular interest as Malina approaches his 47th birthday in mid-January.  You see, Malina has a tendency to put his celebrity to good use; To mark his upcoming birthday, he is urging people to donate to Mazon: A Jewish Response For Hunger through a Causes fund he has set up for the occasion. To express his gratitude for donations, Malina – whose Twitter account has nearly 70K followers – will follow you! It’s an awfully magnanimous gesture from someone who typically uses twitter to wish ill on former co-stars.

Here, let Josh himself explain:

Mazon – which works to end hunger for anyone, regardless of religious background – has long been a favorite cause for Malina; He recently participated in Mazon’s SNAP challenge, spending a week eating on a food-stamp budget.

So, if you’re the sort of person who:

A) Needs to know that every inane thought you blast across Twitter is being read by a celebrity
B) Feels strongly about giving to a pretty fantastic cause
C) Is some weird combination of A and B

Take a look at Joshua’s Causes page. His birthday is the 17th, so time is running out to meet his one-billion dollar goal.

Still on the fence? How about the fact that Josh has a role in the video for Pras, Mya, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Ghetto Superstar”? If that doesn’t convince you? Well, you’re beyond all hope.  

What do you think?

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