Hanukkah Tree Toppers

It’s hard not to love actor, twitter-er, and bon-vivant Josh Malina. Here’s a perfect example why – with the caption “Bed, Bath, and Beyond the Pale” he tweeted the following picture.

Honestly, we’re not sure what’s worse: That Hanukkah Tree Toppers exist, or that they’re being sold in October.

What do you think?

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  1. Vera

    Agree with Josh. This is a horrible thing. Nice to celebrate different holidays, I suppose, but not to smash them together and devalue both.

  2. Yiddishe Maydel

    I think it’s wonderful. IT’S MORE A MIXED FAMILY!! okay, that being said, I always get a “Chanukah bush.” Smells great, hang my personal ornaments on it. Pictures of family, etc. This Star will be perfect!! Thanks. Happy Holidays. Happy Chanukah, my extended family!! Peace


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