Israel, We Will Take Your Heretics

This week, Israel’s justice minister announced that Jewish religious law should become "binding law of state," inciting panic among the country’s secular majority. We agree with Minister Yaakov Neeman that "the law of the Torah should be obligatory law in the State of Israel" and that this would mean "a complete solution to all the things we are dealing with."

Fear of being stoned to death for wearing tank tops would obviously cause all hard-bodied Israeli men to move to New York or L.A., providing single Jewish-American women a surplus of sexy Semitic soldiers.

Some say Neeman’s statements reflect the "talibanization" of Israeli society. However, these critics fail to realize that shutting down the nation’s industries on Shabbat and major holidays will free the country’s citizens from distracting luxuries, such as electricity and running water.

As expected, not all religious customs are equally welcomed by the Orthodox community.

What do you think?

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