Is the World Ready for a Jewish Jenna Jameson? (We Sure Are)


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Jenna Jameson, whose shtupping-exploits helped usher plenty of adolescent boys through the awkward stages of puberty in the starting in the late ’90s, is probably not the first name that comes to mind when sketching out the vaginally shaped middle segment of the Jews/Porn venn diagram. And yet, if the award-winning adult film star’s recent tweets are any indication, Jameson might well be on her way to choosing kosher salami from here on out.

As The Forward speculates, the once-devoutly catholic Jameson’s swing toward Judaism might have something to do with her recent engagement to Israeli diamond merchant Lior Bitton. If rumors of her conversion are true, Jameson would join Ron Jeremy, Joanna Angel, James Deen, and Lee Roy Myers in the elite upper echelons of the Judaic porn world.

Just a few more, and they’ve got a minyon at the next AVN.

So, to you Jenna, we say: Welcome to the tribe! Welcome to the family! And, please, if you’re not too busy, maybe send us your challah recipe?



Over on twitter we were asked to include this exchange which we’d overlooked in our initial scan of Jenna’s messages. @Hidden_Gold, who brought the following to our attention, described this particular thread as “the best part.”

She’s not wrong.

What do you think?

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