Joanna Angel: The _Heeb_ Interview

Ever since our office screening of Joanna Angel‘s latest DVD, Not Another Porn Movie, interest in the porn star’s career has peaked among coworkers. We tracked down the impish Jewess (and cover girl for our Photo Issue), who was on her Crackberry in Loa Angeles at the time of this wham-ba’am-thank-you-ma’am-style Q&A.

We really enjoyed Not Another Porn Movie. That was the latest in the Angel canon, correct?

I’m glad you liked it. Its a wonderful little flick about pizza guys and naughty nurses, but it’s not the latest. I recently did a video on my site where my friend and I broke into someone’s big fancy house and raped their pool boy. It was pretty cool. It involved two very wonderful things: swimming pools and anal sex. I mean, what else could anyone else really want out of life?

Have you ever had anything silly happen on a shoot? You know, like a porn blooper?

I was shooting a gang bang once, five guys and myself. I know people make these ridiculous movies these days with, like, one girl and 20 dudes. But five guys certainly felt like a gang to me, so goddammit I’m calling it one.

Anyways we were all into it, and I could have sworn I heard my mom yelling something at me. I thought it was just my Jewish guilty conscience, so I ignored and just kept doing my thing. A few minutes later I heard it again, and it was really fucking me up. I had to cut.

I was like, ‘Yo, does anyone hear anything?’

Then everyone got quiet, and it turned out that it totally was my mom yelling at me. See, something fell on my bag causing it to accidentally push a button on my phone which called my mom of all people. She was yelling, ‘Joanna! Are you there?’, frantically thinking, like, I called her and then died or something. So I grabbed the phone, told her I was busy, and I’d call her back. Fortunately, she couldn’t hear anything, but, yeah, that’s a certified blooper, right?

Have you ever busted out with an ‘Oy’ during climax?

I actually say ‘Jesus Christ’ a lot. I don’t know why. It sort of just comes out. I should probably start saying more Jewish things. Maybe it would be better for my image.

Do you have a sex life like outside of your career, or do the two generally collide?

Unfortunately I’m too busy, and my life outside of videos is not as exciting as it should be. I wish I had more time to get laid. It’s not fair. But the actual sex is pretty close to what you see on camera. I do and say the same things. I mean, when I’m in scenes, I’m just having sex on camera. I don’t really know how to have sex any other way if that makes any sense.

What’s the most Jew-y moment you’ve experienced in the industry?

When I had to pay the first guy I did a scene with, I got really angry.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

24 Responses

  1. Puck

    Great female role model, and so worthy of being on the cover of the Photo issue…I can only assume the front cover of the Whore issue was already taken.

  2. iconic

    not any ordinary “wham-ba’am-thank-you-ma’am-style Q&A.”
    Great questions!
    My favorite (even though it sounds a tad Jon Stewartesque )-
    is the one about her ‘most Jew-y moment…”
    Here she was able to provide a surprise ending
    with genuine emotion..

  3. dawg

    the mom thing…it happened all the time for me during sex!

    just kidding….

    No actually, I had a similar moment where I was talking trash about my mom a bit and I accidentally hit the phone to call her and ya…she listened….and heard….it was

  4. Brian Abrams

    So it’s going to turn into one of THOSE comment threads, huh? OK, ok. My turn.

    A classic family moment in the Dreidel house: walking in on my brother … who was the bottom.

  5. Anonymous

    As a piece of career advice, I would have to warn Ms. Angel about “saying more Jewish things”.
    I dated a girl who used to call giving head “noshing”.
    Every time she said it, I felt like i was talking to my grandmother, and it made my stomach turn.
    The las

  6. HottiefromMuskogee

    omg, one time i flashed these guys in cancun and they took me to a bathroom where two guys were makin out!

  7. Hesed

    Hey Puck, porn stars are people too. People who are part of a hugely popular mainstream industry. Once again, check your hang-ups.

  8. HottiefromMuskogee

    Hi iconic. I dont know what to say. I like teh beach a lot. My friend said that Israle has the best which I thought was weird because it was all sand like dessert sand not the kind you get by the water.

    I goto South Padre every year but not last year bec

  9. HottiefromMuskogee

    omg, iconics. you really want to know about my trip. are you jelous?

    are you cute?? because my bf sucks.

  10. Puck

    “…which I thought was weird because it was all sand like dessert sand not the kind you get by the water.”
    Are you channeling, like, Paris Hilton?

  11. Hesed

    “The bottom of what?”

    …and then you cast aspersions on other peoples comments. LMFAO.

  12. iconic

    so Hottie, I guess you will go back to Cancun this year, because
    the guys were hot and the beach was not ” all sand like dessert.. “

  13. HottiefromMuskogee

    lol only if my bf takes me its too much $$ without goign with friends.

  14. Anonymous

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