Iranian Hostage Crisis

While we don’t think its likely to act as methadone for our unhealthy addiction to “Rise of Nations”:, we at Jewdar are tickled pink to hear about the new “video game”: developed by Iran’s Union of Students Islamic Association. The premise involves an Iranian scientist and his wife taken prisoner by the Americans and, of course, the nefarious “Israelis.”:

Now, we haven’t seen a screen capture yet, and don’t know if it plays well, but how funny is it that the game involves Iranians _rescuing_ hostages? I know “their ways”: are not like “ours”:, but do they not have the concept of irony?

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    I keep seeing that ad for the Dreidel Hustler doll…disturbing…very disturbing…and yet…strangely erotic :P


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