Going Out of Body Sale

So, apparently a New Zealand man is selling his soul– not to the devil, but on the Internet. According to The Associated Press, Walter Scott, 24, is trying to hawk his spirit on TradeMe, a New Zealand auction site. Right now the bidding is up to $676. Judging by the questions that follow the post, a lot of folks are concerned with what will happen to Scott after his soul is sprung from his mortal coil. Check it out:

Q: Will you be OK it it is passed on to Jesus Christ? posted by: feynicks (272 ) 1:52 pm, Wed 2 Jul

A: If you win the auction, you can do whatever you want with it. 2:42 pm, Wed 2 Jul

Q: Has this soul been saved by Jesus or is it in its default state of being condemned to Hell? posted by: jesuscrux (1 ) 12:41 pm, Wed 2 Jul

A: No it hasn’t been saved by Jesus. But on the whole I’m a good guy, so I wouldn’t say that it’s condemned to Hell either. 2:24 pm, Wed 2 Jul

Q: Hi. I just wanted to ask you to reconsider. The choice is yours, but if your soul does exist, Jesus says ‘what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?’ So I think he values your soul, and you should keep it! Thanks posted by: eclipsemints0 (11 ) 3:04 pm, Wed 2 Jul

A: Thanks for your concern. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. 3:31 pm, Wed 2 Jul

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    That’s AWESOME!!!!. Too bad they took it down. Talk about a grift in the system.


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