Glenn Beck: “Jesus Would Have Come Back from the Dead and Make the Jews Pay For What They Did”

Last week, our fave crazy takes on liberation theology on Tuesday’s show. According to Glenn, Jesus would not have liked this theology because he was not a victim and would have totally pounced on the Jews. . .or something.

What do you think?

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Judah Ari Gross

Judah Ari Gross was born in a baby pool at 1816 Kendrick St. in Northeast Philadelphia. He uses all three of his names as to not be wasteful.

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  1. Ronald West

    this is free speech gone awry- sort of like political lies.. both should be prosecuted like child pornography, my view- I sense the historical Jesus would scratch his head ‘say what?’

  2. The Loxist

    My ISP called, it wants a couple hundred kilobytes of its bandwidth back.

    You’re as mentally deficient as Beck is, Judah. Your “summary” reads like a fourth grader’s book report on Kafka.

    Beck says that Jesus chose death, thereby conquering the [Western] fear of it. Jay-C did not make himself out to be a victim, and therefore, there should (theoretically) be no hard feelings towards the Jews.

    He goes on to say that IF THERE WERE HARD FEELINGS coming from Mr. Jesus, then he would have risen from the grave and Zombie’d all of our brains out. Which he didn’t. So, as long as Jesus isn’t passive-aggressive, I think we’re in the clear now. That is Glenn Beck’s theological reasoning at work, not your light-bulb at 20% blog post.

  3. Judah Ari Gross
    Judah Ari Gross

    I would actually love to read a fourth grader’s book report on Kafka.

  4. Dan Wood

    I think Glenn Beck is generally an idiot, and for the most part I don’t trust his theology because he is a mormon and I’m a protestant.

    I don’t completely agree with his views on liberation theology, as little of a snapshot as was shown of it. I think that Jesus was a victim but I agree with him that he’s also a conqueror, much in the way that victims of white violence in the south ultimately
    (although there is still work to do) can also be considered conquerors. MLK is a tragic figure, a victim, as much as he is a champion of civil rights, a conqueror of oppression. His model is Jesus. That is one interesting and compelling dichotomy in Christ’s life, the victim, the conqueror; the pauper, the King.

    Beck’s point may have been this, and at the least it is mine; “[That] God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” (John 3:17). Despite Beck’s crazy eyed hypothetical statement “Jesus would have made the Jews pay for what they did,” he is not supporting that (I hope), and I think its as simple as taking him out of context. This is fair because he often does that to others I suppose.

    I can’t believe I’m defending Glenn Beck. The apocalypse must be near.

  5. Dan Wood

    The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

    Gregor Samsa is a travelling salesman who lives with his dad and mom. One day, he turns into a cockroach. Nobody knows what to do but they try to support him. His dad throws an apple at his neck and he gets infected. Then he hears a violin by his sister. Then he dies.

  6. irwin

    Does anyone remember Lenny Bruce’s rant about Jews being called “Christ killers?”
    OK, let’s start over. Does anyone remember Lenny Bruce?
    I can’t bring myself to repeat what he said, but it’s so sick and so funny at the same time, it’s the perfect antidote to Glenn Beck.
    There is place in the 21st Century for a man like Glenn Beck. He is a one-man blood-libel.He’s the price we pay for Enlightment.
    But do yourself a favor: Google “Lenny Bruce Christ Killer”


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