Flotilla: Facts and Fictions

Proving just how lazy journalists are, we now have the term “Flotilla-Gate,” the younger, bloodier brother of Watergate, Monica-gate and Nipple-Gate. (Huffington Post)

A New York Post editor is convinced that Israel did not do anything wrong, damn it! (Love of the Land)

Will Iran Deter an Israeli Attack? Place your bets, everyone. (Real Clear Politics)

Most random Israeli Flotilla protesters: Filipino MILFs. (That stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which might make that even more unfortunate.) Because Israel has always had such beef with the south Pacific. (MSN)

Israel gets flak for its “attack on a humanitarian convoy” from Uzbekistan, a country that’s always been real concerned about its own human rights. (Trend)

And the award for subtlest piece of Flotilla satire goes to the newest Downfall parody, where the Israeli PM is cast as Hitler. Heil Netanyahu! (YouTube)

Lastly, for those of you too lazy to follow the news, this video illustrates all of Flotilla’s major players in the musical style of Charles Fox:

Netanyahu was wrong–Flotilla was a love boat.

What do you think?

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