Experience 10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Jew In One Incredible Video!

Three 6 Mafia famously rapped, “It’s hard out here for a Jew” (or something to that effect) and boy were they not kidding. As comedian and talk show host Scott Rogowsky demonstrates in his spoof of Shoshana B. Roberts and Rob Bliss’ now-infamous street harassment supercut, simply WWJ (“walking while Jewish”) invited a deluge of katz-calls overwhelming enough to straighten even the curliest of forelocks.

As Rogowsky told Heeb:

I wanted to keep it real, to my own experiences, like a lot of my comedy, and it quickly occurred to me that while I may not suffer street harassment the way many women in the city do, I’m certainly not immune to street CHARASSMENT (a term I coined, as far as I know?). I’m constantly getting stopped by the Lubavitchers. Their Jewdar starts shaking and steaming when I’m in the vicinity. I come from a long line of Jewy looking Jews. My dad was twice-named Schnoz Magazine’s “Man of the Year.” My great grandfather was used by Goebbels as his studio model for Nazi propaganda posters. Ok none of that’s true, but it’s how I FEEL.

Check it out:

You’d hope that, as with all forms of harassment, onlookers (and I’m not just talking about Paul Rudd-lookalikes here) would have the presence of mind to step in and put an end to the troubling behavior. But, as Scott explained, that wasn’t the case this time around:

There were certainly some looks while filming. We made a couple of Finnish tourists’ dreams of New York come true, during the “hava nagila” scene. This is what tourists imagine New York City is — Jews lifting other Jews on chairs and marching and chanting through the streets!

Forget Uber, I want a door-to-door chair-hoisting service to schlepp me around Midtown.


For more of Scott, check out Running Late With Scott Rogowsky

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  1. Sonny Boy

    the problem with this video is that non-jews who watch it might think its real, and not completely staged.


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