Drew Barrymore Loves Judaism. How Magical.


Need definitive proof that Hollywood is run by capital-T-The Jews? Look no further than last week’s episode of the The View. O.M.P.D.G (“Original Manic Pixie Dream Girl“) Drew Barrymore joined the ladies on the couch to chat about whatever the hell people talk about when they’re on the View. Along the way, Drew started talking about her recent Jewish wedding, and her new life as an ersatz Jewish housewife, saying:

He is a nice Jewish man from a nice Jewish family. I do the seders, and we do Passover. I haven’t converted yet. Olive [her daughter] will be raised traditionally…

…I’m there. I love it. It’s a beautiful faith and I’m so honored to be around it. It’s so family oriented and beautiful and I learn so much and the stories are so beautiful. And it’s incredibly enlightening. I’m really happy.

So, the heiress to one of show-business’ most distinguished dynasties goes on network TV, and proclaims to the whole world how much she loves Judaism. LOVES IT. Can’t get enough of it.

Drew, sweetie. You’re Hollywood royaltyYou don’t need to pull a reverse-Mel-Gibson to get ahead in Tinseltown; You’re already there.

That said, we appreciate the effort, welcome you with open arms, and look forward to our invite to your next seder. It should be magical 


What do you think?

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  1. Chaya

    I don’t welcome her with open arms. I don’t believe in converting. I didn’t just wake up one day saying that I was converting to Puerto Rican.

  2. River

    Genug shoyn, Heeb. Drew Barrymore is incredible. You don’t reject friends, you idiot Heeb! Like we have so many? And Chaya, Jews allow for conversion. If you don’t believe in it, you’re a lousy Jew.


    conversion for marriage isn’t a valid reason to convert, but if she were to do it after she got married and it was a real converison not some reform or reconst. one i wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  4. Maurice Harris

    Actually, traditional Jewish law insists that converts not be treated as any less Jewish than Jews by birth, and considers humiliating or dishonoring converts to be a sin. I don’t mean to pile on here, since I see that Chaya’s gotten plenty of push back, but just thought this was important to add.

  5. Chaya

    Different Jewish sects believe slightly different when it comes to conversion by Gentiles. I should retract my statement, because I believe that if a person converts 100% according to halachah, then I would consider them an actual convert. I doubt Miss Barrymore will follow through and do a thorough conversion… I am sure she, like so many other celebrities, find Judaism trendy. It bothers me when Gentiles feel like they can just enter in the Jew club and not take it 100% seriously. All four of my grandparents were in concentration camps, my great-grandparents survived the Pogroms, as I am sure that many of us young Heebs share a very similar family story.

    I love my culture, my religion, my Jewish ancestors who came here with nothing in their pockets to make sure that I would grow up free from religious persecution. It’s a slap in the face when these celebrities put on a Kabalah bracelet or wear a Star of David (cough Britney Spears), and run around Hollywood, calling themselves converts.

    @Natasha, if you converted, according halachah – I would recognize you as a Jewish Convert, but not a Jew. Sorry, that is my opinion.


    http://www.beingjewish.com/conversion/becomingjewish.html this is the traditional jewish belief. I didn’t make it up. etc. if traditional jewish belief offends you don’t respond, don’t name call or make death threats. a traditional jew doesn’t care if you do any of the above. we aren’t insane etc. it is doubtful drew could or would want to live the traditional jewish life style for one thing she would have to find a different way of making a living. I totally doubt she has been exposed to the real thing by an intermarried husband. more likely some form of POP KABALLAH etc. It has never been easy to become a real jew or fellow the real jewish way of life. jews from muslim countries make it extremely difficult to convert or in some cases the syrian jews just don’t do it. BECAUSE THE PUNISHMENT IN THE MUSLIM WORLD MEANT DEATH TO ALL OF THE JEWS IN THAT LOCATION. The Jewish religion doesn’t require a gentile to convert if a gentile fellows the 7 mizvot of noah he is rewarded as if he fellowed all the Jewish mitvah Chaya a Ger ki Halachah IS A JEW and isn’t a jewish convert. the only thing a female Ger can’t do is marry a Cohen, if a Cohen does merry a ger he is no longer a Cohen but the marriage is still valid. if the conversion isn’t Ki Halachah nothing really happened.
    Chaya if a person converted according to Halachah (observent beth din, kosher mikvah, makabal the torah and all it’s mivot, if male a kosher brit milah) then one isn’t supposed to even mention the fact that the person converted. To become a Jew isn’t easy, to live like one is even harder. Hashem knows what is in someone heart. man not so much. the ‘ger’ is the babe in the woods rarely does the non orthodox rabbi ever tell the truth about what a real conversion is. and there are plenty of charlitins who ply this trade one infamous one does it all on line. i know of some people who ended up doing it more than once.

  7. Jeff

    @Yochanan: if a Cohen does merry a ger he is no longer a Cohen

    I believe he is still considered a Cohen; however there will be halakhic issues concerning the status of his children (and I imagine he’d no longer receive aliyot at an Orthodox shul).

    @Chaya: It’s a slap in the face when these celebrities put on a Kabalah bracelet

    Actually, it’s pretty much a slap in the face when Jews do it as well.

  8. River

    Chaya, this is YOUR problem. Your explanation is ridiculous. You are offended by someone wanting to be a Jew because your ancestors died in camps and pograms? ALL of our ancestors did! You did point that out, to be fair. However, the disconnect is here — why would that make you resent a woman who is interested in Judaism, curious about it, who loves it enough to want to be a part of it, who wants to raise her child as a Jew? What is wrong with you? Did you miss the part where you said your family died in camps and pograms? Drew Barrymore is NOT disrespecting those people. Anti-semites do — not people who want to raise their children as Jews. Save your nasty, rejecting, prejudiced ways for the people who hate us, Chaya. You spit in the face of friends. It’s ugly. And it’s not Jewish. It’s true, different groups in our religion have different rules for conversion, but ALL allow for conversion. You are being neither Jewish nor humane in your attitude. It’s an embarrassment and a disgrace.

  9. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    I don’t see it as helpful to bring in the Holocaust when discussing conversion. People were able to discuss conversion for most of Jewish history without brining in the Holocaust. We should probably return to tradition and not bring in the Holocaust every. Fucking. Discussion.


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