Drake Gets Re-Bar Mitzvah’d in New Music Video

Drake Re-Bar Mitzvah

The epigraph of Drake’s new music video for the song “HYFR,” released last night on his Web site, pretty much says everything you need to know:

On October 24th 2011 Aubrey “Drake” Graham chose to get re-bar mitzvah’d as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion. The following is a clip displaying the events that took place…

Hard not to love this macher.

(via Vulture.)

What do you think?

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  1. CW

    Can’t decide whether I love this or whether I think it’s too disrespectful.

    Either way, WOW, Drake’s voice is irritating.

  2. Debaser

    lol! now even the Jews have a debaser in the religion! Drake is about as much of a mensch as PDiddy! (lol)

  3. L.D.

    Someone seems confused. Why bring the street into the sanctuary? Why not the other way around?

  4. Adam

    @L.D. very correct! @Ingrid, yes, at least he has respect, and at least he has real talent (sarcasm).

  5. Elad Ben Shmuel

    Oy vey! I knew that Drake was halakhically Jewish (matrilineal descent),and that he attended cheder in Canada and was a bar mitzvah at age 13; but I am a bit saddened by the secularization of this sacred event. Nowadays, some bar/bat mitzvahs have incorporated rap music for entertainment purposes but what ever happened to “hamavdil bein kodesh l’chol”. Perhaps, only Hashem can make that distinction. LOL [sarcasm]. Not appropriate, in my opinion.

  6. Tessa

    It appears that Drake tried to blend his art / passion with his religion. But would you ride a motor bike, play basketball or hockey in the sanctuary.

    I do not think he ment any disrespect but inappropriate or mixed up comes to mind.

    To he who is given much Drake, much is expected.

  7. Queen B

    Drake has a great voice and it’s everything but irritating. I think he has a talent and he makes great music. He also has respect for his religion and he wanted to share it with the world, which shows that he’s proud of it and that says much of his personality. I admire someone who admires his religion. Big Ups For Drizzy! YMCMB

  8. Nakdimon

    I am more disappointed in the Synagogue that leased their property for his use. Disgusting! Why blame Drake? He is who he is… But I’m disgusted with clergy that chose to allow this Lawlessness into their Shul… Its disgusting and far from Torah

  9. mtnbikerdave

    go drake. represent the minority of us who dont live in ny,la,tel aviv,dc ,etc.!


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