Desperately Seeking Samuels

Ladies, meet Tim Samuels, a London Jew who’s coming to New York City to record a BBC radio show about his Holy Grail quest to find a NJG. According to his press release:

"Tim Samuels (33) is a highly successful BBC television journalist with a strong commitment to social action–and an inexplicable attraction to feisty New York women (plus he’s always fancied ending up with an American wife). He’s terribly charming, tall, handsome, with an accent that makes him at least sound intelligent and some of the best teeth in London. And he’s coming to NY on his mission to meet his match from 12-19 September. Your mom would like him–and your granny could join the rock band he formed to help seniors fight back. If you fancy going a lovely date with Tim and doing your bit for US-British relations e-mail: [email protected]."

Thanks for being sensitive enough to begin your mission on September 12, Tim. September 11 was already depressing enough–even without having to listen to you talk about your mother.

What do you think?

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  1. cannabissel

    There’s only one thing lamer than a chick unconsciously emulating Carrie Bradshaw. A dude doing it.

  2. snuffweedbooze

    Why doesn’t he just hit on Joss Stone.
    She’s cute, Jewish and local, plus, his mum won’t have to spend hours teaching her how a proper pot of tea is done.

  3. Puck

    He is cute…I’d want a dental check first though…English Teeth *shudder*
    There’s nothing in the press release to suggest he’s after a Jewish girl though?


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