Chosen: Crimes and Misdemeanors

By Shmarya Rosenberg

The Weekly Blotter

Dov Lior, a leading Zionist rabbi in the West Bank, said that, “if a child is born without a father, he cannot be 100% normal.” He claimed  rabbinic literature defines children born to single mothers as “criminals and subjects of other negative phenomena.” Lior also said gentile sperm leads to “barbaric” offspring. (Ynet)

Sarah Palin’s Jewish group’s website,, has foreign private domain name registration that shields the site’s true ownership. The public head of JewsForSarah is “Benyamin” Bertram “Buddy” Korn, Jr. a Chabad hasid from Philadelphia. Korn appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show defending Palin’s blood libel remark – minus his yarmulke and hat, perhaps to hide his ultra-Orthodox affiliation. (Failed Messiah)

Leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis visited convicted child rapist Rabbi Yisroel Weingarten in federal prison last week. The rabbis declared Weingarten’s innocence, disregarding the testimony of his daughter, who was raped by Weingarten over many years as a child; the testimony of his brother Lipa “Leo” Weingarten, who as a child was molested by his older brother; and the findings of the federal court. (Failed Messiah)

Daniel Freedman says former glatt kosher meat king and Chabad hasid Aaron Rubashkin’s life of crime began when Rubashkin stole Freedman’s grandfather’s business. (Forbes)

The most liberal Orthodox rabbinic group voted to exclude women from membership. (The Jewish Week)

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  1. Riva Flexer

    Just because we’re Jewish doesn’t mean we’re better than anyone else. In fact, this all is kind of egregious to me… more than just distasteful.

  2. Sam Waxman

    Seriously this is obsurd, how is a yahoo orthodox rabbi, a rapist, a thief have anything to do with a Sara Palin website, last I checked that is not a crime. Just take a look around there are plenty of conservative Republican Jews who dont feel the same way as you do…sorry…but we dont, and we care about people and this country in the same way you do, so if you can’t value our opinion then just shove it.

  3. Enough!

    Proxy registrations are used to avoid spam and in this case probably to avoid threats as well. There is ZERO criminality in using a private domain registration service or any other proxy to protect against spam, prank calls and who knows what else.

  4. Jason

    There was no crimes committed here by any of the above mentioned individuals, all Scott Rosenberg does is o ban comments on his blog that have the facts, because Mr. Rosenberg is scared if the truth!

  5. Yechiel

    This is rubbish. I do not know the stories of each of the individuals you are speaking about but I can tell you I DON’T get my news from rags like Ynet or Harettz. These liberal shit stirrers have been caught making up stories (Beuin Farmer’s sheep burnt to death by Israeli Religious Settlers.) This story was later debunked when the beduin admited that he had actually been burning brush on his farm and trapped the ewes in a brush fire.
    Dude you don’t trash rabbis and you don’t air their dirty laundry. Compared to the rest of the world they are damn good people. idiot.

  6. Lena Bilderberg

    Yechiel wrote,

    Dude you don’t trash rabbis and you don’t air their dirty laundry.

    No, “Dude.” YOU don’t trash rabbis and YOU don’t air their dirty laundry.

    We do what we want.

  7. Yechiel

    Your right DK. Do what you want tough guy and see what it gets you. DK is that Donna Karen or Dick?


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