Why Is Walmart Selling This Charming Poster Of A Concentration Camp? ***UPDATED: They’re Not, Anymore***


We all know that if you’re looking to buy cheesy motivational picture of people sailing, or climbing up a sheer cliff face, the back pages of SkyMall magazine are a pretty safe bet. But where do you go if you’re in the market for an inspirational picture of a famous Nazi death camp?

As it turns out, you go to Walmart:


screenshot via Walmart.com

The big-box superstore explains that a framed reminder that work makes one free (until Nazis gas/shoot/starve/beat/work you to death) makes “…a great addition to your home or office.


screenshot via Walmart.com

Based on some cursory internet sleuthing, it looks like neither Target, Costco, nor Kmart carry the poster, which means, once again, Walmart appears to have a monopoly on pain and suffering.

When the eagle eyed reader who discovered the Concentr…er Motivation camp poster emailed customer service, she was told they “have this product in stock because there are some customer[sic] who like to buy this type of item, but this doesn’t mean [Walmart] are supporting any ideology related to this item.”

Makes sense, considering fifty bucks for a poster of Dachau (32,000 documented deaths) seems to fall a bit short of the lofty standards set by Walmart’s slogan of “Save Money, Live Better.”

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***UPDATE  7.2.14, 12:47pm***

Another reader has passed along their complaint to Walmart’s customer service, who assured them that “we have escalated this matter to our corporation so they can release the nazi related propaganda.”

Now, I’m not sure what “release the nazi related propaganda” means exactly, but it sounds like a pretty good start.

***UPDATE 7.2.14, 6:10PM***

True to their word, Walmat has “released the nazi related propaganda” and the offending poster has been removed from their website. We received the following message from a member of the Walmart media relations team:

“We were horrified to see that this item was on our site. We sincerely apologize, and worked quickly to remove it. The item was sold through a third-party seller on our marketplace. We have shared our disappointment with them and have learned they are removing the publisher of this item entirely from their inventory.”

Good on you, Walmart. Now, about letting your employees unionize…

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