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Heebonics: Schnorrer

schnorrer, shno'-rer noun (Yiddish) a beggar or sponger After stealing half a bottle of Scotch in one of Germany's finest hotels, the schnorrer rationalized that it was the least that he deserved even tho...
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It’s Germany Week at Heeb

To rediscover the country that gave us Einstein, beer, the automobile, WWII and scheisse videos, both Heeb's publisher and its beloved Dreidel Hustler are visiting the Fatherland all this week. As Josh analyzes...
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Link, Link, Link it Up!

Join the Party—the Mario Party, that is. Artist Steve Thomas creates retro-style propaganda posters for arcade games. (Mental Floss)Because Fox News is just too leftist, Kelsey Grammer is launching a more fair ...