Car Explodes in Tel Aviv, But Don’t Worry – It’s Just the Mob!

The Associated Press and Time Magazine are reporting this morning that a car was blown in Tel Aviv this morning, and that there is a “strong possibility” the explosion was of a criminal, rather than terroristic, nature.

Israeli news sources were a little less circumspect in their assessments: The Times of Israel describes the explosion, which occurred next to a commuter bus, as “what appears to be a mob hit against an oft-targeted mob boss”. They, and Israeli daily Haaretz, link the car bomb to Israeli crime boss, Nissim Alperon; This would be the eighth such attempt on his life in the past twelve years. And, while Alperon escaped the alleged hit unscathed, at least seven bystanders are reported to have minor injuries.

Typically, when cars explode in the streets of Tel Aviv, international condemnation and hand wringing reaches a fever pitch. But, when the mob is involved, rather than use the act as fodder for an Israel Advocacy letter writing campaign, people seem content to simply let this be as a case of “business as usual.”

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