Bar Mixvah – Not A Ritual Rite Of Passage So Much As A Do-It-Yourself Bartending Robot


We’re not at Asimov-ian levels of self-automated robots quite yet, but the Bar Mixvah is a pretty great step in that direction. Designed by programmer and engineer Yu Jiang Tham, the Bar Mixvah takes up to five alcoholic or supplemental ingredients, and mixes them (to varying levels of strength) automatically.

Okay, it’s not quite Tom Cruise-in-Cocktail bottle spinning fun, but it is perfect for those of us who’d rather someone else make them a drink while we plunk away on our iPads… which, incidentally, is exactly how you control the Bar Mixvah in the first place.

Check it:

Here’s the kicker, though. The whole thing – save the electronic components – is made from 3D Printed parts. As you can see from Yu Jiang Tham’s website, construction is a liiiittle trickier than simply “insert drink A into robot B,” but considering it’s a make-it-yourself bartender, the whole enterprise is pretty damn impressive.

So, to recap:

Bar Mitzvah: Assuming the rights and responsibilities of Jewish adulthood

Bar Mixvah: Assuming the rewards (and risks) of a robot making your drinks for you.

Combine the two, and, well, the less said about that, the better.

[via Daily Dot, image via youtube]

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