Ariel Pink: “I Feel Completely Heard Now”

Ariel Pink appears on one of the four covers of the June/July issue of Fader along with MIA, The-Dream and Wavves. Pink discusses his new album and new band, but as we know all too well, Pink’s most interesting thoughts aren’t about his music. Fader’s interview with Pink includes a review of his astrological chart led by an old friend named Ivory and an account of him losing his virginity at a brothel in the back of a beauty parlor in Mexico City (where he lasted an impressive hour with the curly haired Sara). “Coming has always been something I’ve found hard to do because I get so distracted,” he says, presumably over the screaming joy of hipster groupies everywhere.

Eventually, he does get around to talking about music too, albeit in usual confusing Pink fashion: “Whatever I’ve come to be known for, I was doing it out of a real desperation to be heard, even though I had nothing to say. Which is maybe the right reason to do it.” On the new band, he says “Playing with a band is like using a brand new muscle. I choose not to play alone anymore.”

Whatever Pink chooses to do, he’s keeping it entertaining enough for us to keep listening. The Summer Music issue of Fader drops on newsstands June 22nd.

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